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Statement from the Clean Fuels Development Coalition: EPA Decision to Issue RFS Waivers Bad for Public Health & The Environment

“The Administration’s decision to issue Renewable Fuel Standard waivers and therefore remove low-carbon, low-toxin biofuels is a significant step backwards and damaging to our environment and public health. Studies show that higher blends of biofuels in gasoline can reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas pollution and save Americans money at the pump. Yet, again the EPA is choosing to side with the oil industry at the expense of the health and well-being of the American people.” ~ Doug Durante, Executive Director of Clean Fuels Development Coalition

What’s in Our Gasoline is Killing Us

New Report Documents Connection Between Toxic Fuel Additives, Vehicle Emissions and Human Health Threats

A new report from CFDC calls emissions from consumer gasoline one of the biggest health threats facing the American public. The report links a wide range of respiratory and even neurological diseases to toxic carcinogenic compounds refiners use to increase octane in gasoline.

The new Fact Book entitled What’s in Our Gasoline Is Killing Us: Mobile Source Air Toxics and The Threat to Public Health is the result of research and review of hundreds of studies and medical and technical reports.