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Trick or Treat? Always A Trick with Big Oil

On this Halloween, it seems we continue to get a trick and not a treat from the oil industry. They appear to have convinced some in the Trump Administration and much of the public that it is somehow our inalienable right to protect foreign oil supplies with U.S. troops while continuing their blatant efforts to thwart the development of cleaner, less expensive, renewable transportation fuels made right here at home.

Gasolinegate Gets Strike Three!

Washington, D.C. October 23, 2019 – Add fake air to fake gasoline and fake gasoline testing. Fake air quality testing is the latest chapter in Gasolinegate. The Gasolinegate Report chronicles how EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality and oil companies colluded to concoct designer fuels designed cheat vehicle emission tests. Now data shows EPA’s air quality monitoring is not real-world either and the impact on public health is devastating.

Clean Fuels Development Coalition Featured in Forbes

CFDC executive director, Doug Durante, recently had a productive conversation with Robert Rapier a senior energy contributor with Forbes. The resulting article features a discussion the two had regarding Rapier’s differing viewpoints on ethanol and as Robert himself explained “addresses a reader who understood me clearly, and who responded in a clear and informative manner.” See a highlight below and read the full article at

SDFU Appeals to President Trump To Open The Market to Clean Octane

CFDC Member Doug Sombke of the South Dakota Farmers Union wrote a letter to President Trump urging him to direct the U.S. EPA to enforce provisions of the Clean Air Act requiring toxics controls as a way to provide new market opportunities for domestic agriculture.

He cited the devastating impacts of the trade disputes on agriculture and the obstructionist policies of the EPA that are limiting demand for ethanol. Sombke appealed to the President saying, “You can solve this problem with the stroke of your pen!”